Top 5 Reasons - Property Management

More and more property management firms are selecting Certigo for their certificate management needs everyday. Here are a just a few of the reasons they have given us.
1. Our Focus on Property Management
  • Certigo is available with features designed specifically for the unique needs of property and portfolio management.
2. Rapid Implementation
  • The world of commercial property management is very dynamic with property acquisitions and divestitures happening daily. Dynamic portfolios demand rapid implementation and Certigo gets it done in days versus weeks or months with other services.
3. Ease of Use
  • Property management teams don't have the time to learn complex software; Certigo keeps it simple and very intuitive.
4. Simple Pricing
  • Certigo pricing is fixed priced per property based on the number of tenants and vendors. There are no additional incremental charges per letter, fax, call etc. like other certificate tracking services; obviously important during budget cycles.
5. Simple Billing
  • Certigo bills monthly or annually for subscription to our services. You will recieve a seperate invoice for each property so expenses can be allocated to the correct legal entity.