Certigo Solutions

Certificate Tracking
Certificate Issuance
Certificate Tracking
  • Establish tailored programs for various risk levels
  • Automatically request, capture, and validate COIs
  • Track and retrieve all COIs from a central point
  • Instantly spot coverage deficiencies
  • Automatically request COI renewals
  • Analyze compliance statistics and coverage levels
Many companies simply file their certificates, on the assumption they are correct. Some companies assign their internal employees to track certificates of insurance; compounding the workload on risk management staff or assigning staff with little knowledge of the insurance industry. Without a well-executed plan, your company could be assuming unnecessary exposures to risk!

Of the many tasks and responsibilities your risk managers and purchasing agents must contend with, certificate tracking is perfect for outsourcing.
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Certificate Issuance
Our Certificate Issuance program ensures proper, timely release of certificates to your clients. This is how it works:
  1. We enter information from your insurance policies into the database.
  2. We generate the certificate templates and send it to you for approval via Email, fax or regular mail.
  3. The certificate of insurance is generated by logging onto your personalized web page within our system, selecting the template, specifying the certificate holder information and issuing the certificate through e-mail or fax. We are set up to do this task for you or allow your company to generate its own certificates. Password protection can give specified individuals within your organization the ability to produce certificates via the Internet and release it themselves.
  4. A record of all certificates issued are maintained within our system and viewable over the Internet.