Full Lifecycle of Certificate Management

No organization should assume unnecessary risk. Let Certigo give you the confidence that you're not either.
Certigo helps its clients ensure the existence of contractually or verbally agreed upon insurance for a third-party vendor, manufacturer, tenant, lessee, sub-contractor, or loan customer. Certificates of insurance (COIs) provide evidence that a third-party vendor or customer is not in breach of contractually obligated insurance and that an organization is not taking on additional risk by working with a third party that is uninsured or underinsured. However, without an efficient process to request and store certificates, identify coverage deficiencies, expiring policies, and the insurance carrier's financial strength and industry rating; organizations may expose themselves to unnecessary risks. Of the many tasks and responsibilities risk managers and purchasing agents face, certificate tracking is of paramount importance in our litigious society.
Request, Validate, Manage and Store Certificates with Ease
Certigo's advanced web based technology makes it possible for all organizations to request, validate, manage, and store certificates of insurance online in an efficient, cost-effective manner. As a subscription based hosted solution, Certigo can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the Internet. This functionality provides clients with internal control of the certificate tracking process, decreased paper storage, improved internal communication that helps avoid duplicate work in the acquisition of a certificate, and enhanced external communication with third-party vendors concerning non-compliance and expiring certificates.

When a certificate does not meet requirements, or is nearing expiration, Certigo will generate the necessary correspondence via e-mail, fax or regular mail. Certigo offers access to a wealth of valuable insurance information and can provide nationwide servicing for corporations in several different business sectors.