Benefits of Certigo solutions

Enhanced Productivity
Reduced Risks
Lower Costs
Increased Management Control
Streamlined Administration Functions
Decreased Storage Requirements
Enhanced Productivity
  • Reassign staff to critical activities
  • Eliminate internal MIS staffing needs
  • Error elimination through automation
  • All certificate images are available 24 hours a day
  • No need to look through files for archived certificates
  • Access to our trained insurance professionals
  • Timely response to vendor insurance questions
  • Issue certificates 24 hours/day without the need of a broker
Reduced Risks
Electronic compliance tracking ensures you know which certificates of insurance from your strategic business partners are current and comply with your company's established insurance requirements. Risk and Insurance Management Society states, "A certificate of insurance is not really a risk management technique; instead, it is evidence of a risk management technique (transfer)". We assist our customers in making that transfer by verifying:
  • Insurance coverage types
  • Coverage limits
  • Coverage expiration dates
  • Certificate holder wording
  • Additional insured language
  • Confirm loss payee and mortgagee clauses
  • Insurance carrier financial strength and stability
Lower Costs
Inefficient certificate management can be costly, particularly in terms of manpower, expenses and claims arising from uncovered incidents. The inefficiencies come in the area of tracking and issuing certificates of insurance. While outsourcing may seem like an added expense, Certigo produces efficiencies which offset the cost of the service. Remember, one claim can easily reach the $100,000 level and probably will reach the $1,000,000 level in todays litigious environment. Some savings that offset the cost of the service are:
  • Increased liability protection from claims
  • Improved work flow
  • Postal costs are eliminated
  • Decreased paper storage
  • No additional hardware or software costs
  • You can issue certificates of insurance 24/7
Better Management Control
Extensive on-line tracking and reporting capabilities make it easier to monitor the status of every certificate. Standardized on-line reports include:
  • Certificates by insured company
  • Active certificates by insurance producer
  • Certificates by requirement and status
  • Certificates by expiration date
  • Report showing when letters are release
  • Listing of Vendors requiring renewal certificates
Streamlined Administration
Our proprietary system automatically generates letters complete with company logos and digitized signatures. There are letters for:
  • Requests for certificate
  • Renewal notifications
  • Cancellation notifications
  • Non-compliant certificates
Decreased Storage Requirements
Certigo can scan years of existing certificates onto a DVD or optionally a CD-ROM, eliminating the need for paper file storage. These archives are indexed and ensure certificates are properly stored.